Monday 31 October 2011

The Great Wall of... (our livingroom)

So things started getting a little spooky around here at the start of the month. My little man celebrates his birthday on 11th October and I take that as a big flashing green neon sign to start decorating the house for his birthday and for Halloween. I mean, you want to make the most of your spooky decorations don't you. So why not start early.

This year we had something new to decorate. I frequently lust over other peoples 'displays'. You know the ones with the gorgeous sentiments and the gorgeous ornaments, and the gorgeous photos. Well, we have no such space in our home. No chunky mantelpiece to drape pretties from, no lovely shelves to decorate, not even a sideboard!! Oh dear, you may way ask, how have I survived all these years?!? I honestly don't know.

We have this wall in our livingroom. It's unloved. It's... bare!! Bar two picture hooks that I unceremoniously string Christmas cards from but once a year (well thankfully really, Christmas cards more than once a year would be, well weird). It was time to show the wall some love. Photo collages to vinyl wall decals were discussed but I wanted somewhere to 'hang', to 'place', to 'decorate'. I wanted... a shelf! And where else does one buy ones self a shelf, Ikea of course. And a few other fancies while your there. It would be rude not to and quite frankly it is The Rules of Ikea to slip things into your trolly you never even knew you desperately needed.

And here it is, loving refered to in our family as 'The Shelf'.

Crys of 'I wasn't sure about the shelf but...', 'I love your shelf, I wasn't really sure about it to be honest' can be heard far and wide but the fact remains they all love it. But most importantly so do I.

Happy Halloween to one and all :)

(apart from the wee buggers that just egged my front window - I wouldn't mind if I was being all scrooge mcduck without any pumpkins on display and no bowl of sweeties ready and waiting for them but come on at least wait until I've tripped the switch to the doorbell to egg me :p)