Tuesday 28 September 2010

Halloween's Coming...

I can't wait for Halloween. Can you? Most of all I can't wait for the children's Halloween costumes to arrive in Tesco!! Last year my little man was a vampire and this is by far my favourite Halloween costume he has worn to date (he's only two mind you ;p). I was torn between a bat suit and a vampire suit. I went with the vampire suit and although I'll admit that I'm a little biasied I think I made the right decision, he was the cutest vampire in town ;) I wonder what he will be this year...

 Pop on over to the DCWV Blog to be in with a chance to win three spooky prizes :)

Friday 24 September 2010

Going Green

I decided today was the day to break into my DCWV Green Stack. If you haven't already got this stack or haven't even seen it then pop over to DCWV and take a peek as it is lovely of the most loveliest.

I choose a photo of my two nieces. I'm working on an album for each of the girls. With two albums it gives me scope to redo pages that I've really enjoyed making and I definitely think this is going to be one of them. There's just something about the title 'sisters' that is so simple yet powerful at the same time.

Not only did I break into a coveted DCWV stack but I also tried my hand at distressing. Distressing goes against my natural instincts to protect and keep my scrapping supplies in pristine contidion but I love the distressed look. I started by using the Martha Stewart Doily Hearts edge punch to punch all four sides of a sheet from the Green Stack. I kinda winged it at the corners and simply trimmed away any unwanted edges. I ran some Vintage Photo Distress Ink over the punched edges and stuck this to a sheet of cardstock from the DCWV Brights Cardstock Stack. I ran a baby wipe over the edges of the cardstock and distressed it with my fingers and inked the edges too. I did the same with a smaller piece of patterned paper also from the Green Stack. I then added my photo and some embellies. I used the Martha Stewart Monarch Large Butterfly punch and thge Sizzix Circles die to create my embellies. The large flower and little birdie are from the Green Stack Chipboard set. I added a few Kaisedrcraft gems for a little bit bling.

Now I'm off to jump into bed with Edward. New Moon how I love thee ;) Night, night everyone. Kx

Wednesday 22 September 2010

Playing Catch-up

I have fallen so far behind with LSNED but I am determind not to give up. I am going to finish one of Shimelle's classes ;p So here is my round-up from Day 10 to 21....

Today I learned...

  • Day 10 - My local Tesco were sold out of neon pink nail polish!! How very dare they.
  • Day 11 - How to be a cheerleader.
  • Day 12 - Hangover + Toodler = Fun Times.
  • Day 13 - I love the Fed Ex man. He brings parcels from far off places. Namely DCWV with my winnings!!!
  • Day 14 - It's freezing. The office is cold. It must be about time to turn the heating on.
  • Day 15 - An electric blow heater can warm a small office.
  • Day 16 - It's better to be at home in bed when you are not well.
  • Day 17 - That I'm not over this bug after all.
  • Day 18 - The little man's playhouse is huge!
  • Day 19 - It doesn't matter how much I sleep I am still tired.
  • Day 20 - Welly Boot shopping for 2 year olds is lots of fun.
  • Day 21 - Getting up at 6.15 sucks.

Phew, that feels better. Thanks for stopping by. Kx

Thursday 9 September 2010

Back to School - Day 8 - Home James

I've always thought that my two hour round trip to work is a little excessive. A huge waste of time just sitting in the car doing absolutely nothing when I could be doing other more productive things. That is until yesterday when I was chauffeur driven to work by my husband. We were going in the same direction and it seemed like a great idea. And it was a great idea why take two cars when you can go in one. However, I learned a a very important lesson - I like driving, I love my chillout time, I love singing along to my favourite songs and I love having that time to switch from work mode to Mummy mode. It's nice to be chauffeur driven every once in a while but I'm glad of my 'drive time' three days a week.

Wednesday 8 September 2010

Back to School - Day 7 - I love Shopping I Do

OK, so my stash diet lasted all of 3 days! In my defence the stash that I bought wasn't for me. So technically it doesn't count, right? I ordered this gorgeous Heidi Grace album for my friend's little girl who incidentally is celebrating her 1 week old birthday today - Happy Birthday Baby Ellen :)

My lesson for to today is that there are always ways to get around stash diets - shop for your friends!! ;p Thanks for stopping by. Kxx

Back to School - Day 6 - I love Monday's I Do

Monday's rock!! I already knew that but I wanted to remind myself. Monday's are known as Yummy Mummy Mondays in my world. OK, so I'm playing fast and loose with the word 'yummy' but Mummy and Monday are all true ;p Monday is the only day that I get my little man all to myself and I love it. My lesson for today is: never forgot how special Yummy Mummy Monday's are and make the most of each and every single one :) Love you little man, Mummy xx

Monday 6 September 2010

Back to School - Day 5 - Take Notes

I learnt a very important Learn Something New lesson yesterday... I must write my lessons down as soon as I think of them!! I can remember thinking at some point yesterday ooh that is a good lesson for LSNED but today I have forgotten it! d'oh! I can also extent this lesson to my WW diet as I've been struggling latey and guess what? I haven't written a thing down. Here's to a day of writing things down today :)

Sunday 5 September 2010

Back to School - Day 4

Yesterday I learnt that it is going to take a very, very, very, very long time to paint our garden fence, along with our shed, the little man's swing, our table and four chairs plus the little man's playhouse. I haven't even ordered the playhouse yet even though there are only four weekends between now and the little man's 2nd birthday! I guess my lesson is that there just aren't enough hours in the day :)

This is the playhouse the little man's Grandparents and all his Aunties and Uncles and Mummy and Daddy are buying for his birthday in October. I can't wait to see his little face when he sees it :)

Friday 3 September 2010

Back to School - Day 3

It's only 11am but I am 100% sure that I have already learnt my lesson for today... I do not NEED to buy any more scrapbooking supplies. I hereby declare that I am not only on a Weightwatchers diet but a stash diet as well. Who's with me? Weightwatchers, stash, both? :)
I won't share any pre-diet photos but here are some of the scrapbooking goodies that will be winging their way onto pages very, very soon. No more shopping!!! ;p
Lots n' lots of lovely ribbon

Cropper Hoppers and magazine files full of stickers, patterned papers and cardstock

Left handside of the top drawer - the one with all the tools; inks, chalk, adhesives and punches.

Right handside of the top drawer, there lives; jar of ribbon, 5 compartment boxes of embellies mainly brads, eyelets, charms and bottons, some Sizzix dies and other tools too

Left handside of the middle drawer, photos on the left, chipboard and wooden embellies, Disney Sticker collection, blooms and some sparkles.
Right handside of the middle drawer, blooms, sparkles, alphas, part of my collection of Disney stickers on the left, more embellies and a whole section for metal embellies ;p

Messy bottom drawer
Thanks for stopping by Kx

Back to school - day 2

Yesterday I learned that it is possible to walk PAST the vending machine on the way to the carpark. It seems I didn't need the crisps, chocolate and full fat Coke for the journey home after all :) Me - 1, Vending Machine - 0

Thursday 2 September 2010

First day of school

Yesterday was my first day of school or day one of Shimelle's Learn Something New Everyday class. I really struggled all day to pin point something that I had learned. I was starting to fret that I would be the dunce of the class, that I would be sent outside to sit in the corridor when it dawned on me that that was my lesson! Trying too hard can sometimes be a hinderence. Sometimes I should simply let things happen and go with the flow and that is what I learned yesterday. Thanks for stopping by Kxx