Thursday 30 October 2014

Blog Your Heart

Here are the "rules".

Here's my heart today:
  1. I have a new blog template. I know, it's not deep nor meaningful but it makes me smile and this is my first blog post with the new design so I couldn't not mention it. I wanted something gold and bokeh - I think I hit the jackpot with this blog design from Shiny Magic.
  2. I need to get back on the diet/exercise bike (literally or at least I would if we had an exercise bike but those things never work for me - at 4' 11" I'm just too damn short for it to be erm well em comfortable) or the treadmill, we have one of those, in the shed. I don't even have to go to a gym to use it, I can go in my jammies if I want to. But I don't.
  3. I am just going to write and post this blog. I'm not going to dwell, rewrite, reread. I'm just going to hit publish. 
  4. I hear people talking about being present a lot. I get it. I want to put the phone down more. Sit, talk, play with my kids, watch TV, read a book, SCRAPBOOK!!! and not CONSTANTLY have my phone in my hand.
  5. I'm nervous and excited about moving home. We are moving. Well (90/10% we are moving). Not far, literally up the road. We need to move to get Noah a place at Jack's school. We need to move further away (and across a main road) from the school to get ourselves back into catchment. It's as simple and as ridiculous as that. I'm not annoyed anymore. I was. But now I'm excited about the new home we get to live in. And kinda dreading moving us and two kids in one go. We are planning to move into a rental house between selling our home and buying the new one but that's just 'a plan' it might not happen.
  6. I have post office phobia same as Stephanie. I've have a parcel well no it's not even a parcel it's a gift for a friend in New Zealand that I bought at least a good 6 months ago that I've not boxed or addressed let alone taken to the post office. WTF.
  7. I am reading Helen Fielding's Mad About the Boy. I love it. I know it's been slated. But I love it. I can't help talking or writing in strange disjointed manor similar to Bridge though. 
  8. I have a spot on a December Daily Design team this year and I am worried that a) I won't be able to keep up and b) that I'll produce rubbish. 
  9. I'm a little bit excited about Christmas. I need to curb my spending though. I am a shop-a-holic. I am terrible stash dieter and food dieter to boot.I am hopeless.
  10. I have re-read and corrected the post (although I'll still have missed bits).
Thanks Stephanie for giving me a kick up the blog posting ass.

I'd love to know if you have joined in and if you have please link up on Stephanie's blog. xx