Wednesday 30 April 2014

Around Here | 26 February 2014

**Opps I forgot to publish this at the time**

Around here we are all sick. I've had four days at home. Doodle has had six days off school and Poppins has an ear infection. In both ears! We are snot machines. A lot of coughing can be heard through the night.

Around here we are closing on the sale of my Dad's house in two days. It's been a long drawn out process for a sale that should have been straight forward. It will be a relief not to worry about it and sad to say goodbye.

Around here Poppins is enjoying Cbeebies Peter Rabbit, Swashbuckle and Sarah and Duck. He will raise his hand to his head for the Swashbuckle Cheer.

Swashbuckle Cheer
Put your hand on your heart
Eye patch (eye patch)
Captains hat (captains hat)
Swashbuckle cheer

Around here Doodle has discovered the TV and DVD player in our bedroom and has happy found peace and quiet to play with Turtles and Trashies and watch his favourite DVDs (Scoobie Doo, Lego, Star Wars - the snow one).

Around here I am patiently waiting on a new niece or nephew (1 week overdue and counting).

Around here I joined the Stephanie Howell book appreciation society (or so it seems) and read Mary Kay Andrew's Savannah Blues, Savannah Breeze and Jojo Moyes.

Please add a link if you are doing a similar round up post. I'd love to hear what you are up to. Kx