Wednesday 1 December 2010

Journal your Christmas

Happy 1st of December. Today is a really happy day for me, firstly it is my 3rd wedding anniversary, it's the first day of advent and the first day of JYC.

Like everyone we have had a lot of snow these last few days and I can't help but wonder how we would have felt had the weather been like this 3 years ago on our wedding day. Would our wedding guests have made it through the snow?, would we have braved the elements for some winter wonderland photos? Would we have made our flights from Edinburgh and Gatwick to Orlando? I do know that am thankful that the snow stayed away until now.

Today my little man opened his first advent calendar. This is his 3rd Christmas but he was too little for chocolate on his 1st Christmas by his 2nd Christmas he had been diagnosed with a milk intollerance. This year he grew out of his milk intollerance and this Christmas he has chocolate in his advent calendar for the first time and a selection box under the tree. Well he would have a selection box if we hadn't broken into it today. Did I mention that we are snowed in? :p

Today's prompt for JYC asks us to consider what we want from JYC. What do I want from JYC 2010...? Hmm... I want to make a little book that documents OUR Christmas, OUR traditions, what WE do at Christmas time. I want to create something I can add to over the years maybe all in one album or several - I'll just wait and see how I get on. I want to remember the little things, the small things that make Christmas, Christmas.

Things I want to remember about today:
  • We are snowed in and have been for 4 days
  • It's our 3rd wedding anniversary

  • It's the 1st of the month and Jack opened his first advent calendar

  • Charlie Cat has sat around all day looking miffed at being stuck indoors
  • This is the most snow we have ever seen

  • This is the first time that we already have the Christmas decorations up (we put them up the first day we were snowed in)
I don't intend to do something crafty everyday but I am hoping to be able to blog my thoughts of the day and use them at a later date to create my JYC album.

Happy 1st of December!

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