Sunday 6 February 2011

Until Next Year...

OK so it's a little on the late side but better late than never right. I have finally finished my JYC 2010 album! Can I get a whoop whoop? ;o) I have to confess (eek, should I?!) I have a strange love/hate relationship with mini books. I love the idea, I love that you can dig out some co-ordinating stash, make a huge dent in it and not waste time digging through moutains of scrapbooking supplies. But... I find myself getting really bored before I've finished :o( I lose interest and cannot wait to start my next project so rush to put an end to my mini adventure (OMG, did I just admit that?!) Anyway here is my take on JYC 2010...

I used a packet of 4x6 AC page protectors (inspired by Laura's Paris Mini Book), Sharon Ann's Christmas Magic collection by LYB, some very old Making Memories metal charms, the flowers are Glittered Dahlia's - Jolly Christmas by Petaloo, and a some bits and pieces from Jolly and Bright by Heidi Grace.

The photo is of our Yankee Candle Snowman Family tart burner. We bought him on honeymoon in the Yankee Candle Shop in the Florida Mall {heart}. I love that this depicts our little family as we are now, Mummy, Daddy and wee man :)

And here is the wee man opening his first 'door' on his advent calendar. This was a hugh deal this year as it was the first year Jack was able to eat chocolate at Christmas and it's the first time he's been able to understand the concept of an advent calendar although I don't think he really 'got it' but he knew there would be something waiting for him in the little pocket of his Santa everyday.

I know I wasn't the only one to see some white stuff this year. This is our backgarden in all its snowy glory.

What can I say. I love my Christmas tree. It's not an expensive tree, it's plastic and at the grand old age of 7 it is starting to look at little worse for wear but almost every decoration has a story to tell. All the non-discript red and gold baubles were bought in 2003 when we bought the tree and could only afford the basics. All our honeymoon ornaments bought at Walt Disney World in 2007 are there. All the ornaments we bought on our first trip to Orlando in 2005 are there too. There are ornaments from our friends. Baubles we were given at a friends wedding that were used a place settings with our names on from 2005. The Spaceform ornament that we were given on our first wedding anniversary, ornaments with Jack's name on, baby's first Christmas ornaments from 2008. I love putting the tree up and reliving each and every one of those memories.

This is Jack's Christmas wish list, I made it up as he's too little to make a list but if he could this is what I think he would have asked for. Funnily enough Santa brought everything on the list.

We have a lot of Disney Christmas decorations. We're huge Disney fans and spent our honeymoon there in December 2007. For me Disney and Christmas go hand in hand = magic. All our Disney decorations remind me that Disney is truely a wonderful place to be especially at Christmas.

This was Jack's first time meeting Santa and he wasn't too sure about him. I think his face in this photo says it all. He happily shouted 'bye Santa' all the way out of the grotto though!

No actual gifts under the tree for fear of little 2 year old hands helping themselves to them :o)

He's been! Our livingroom after Santa had been.

I'm not sure what I'll do next year. I'm sure I'll want to join in again but maybe not a mini book... until next year... thanks for stopping by Kxx


  1. Beautiful book, worth the effort as it will be great to look back on :)

  2. What a clever idea for the JYC. I've started it about 3 times and not actually got round to finishing them! Maybe if I'd done a 6x4 album like yours I would have done. It's gorgeous.

  3. Well done for finishing - like you I get bored (about 2/3 of the way through normally) but am always well pleased if I can finish it. What are you doing for covers? I've still got mine to do before I can officially put JUC 2010 to bed!

  4. GORGEOUS!!! So proud of you for finishing... my project sits forlornly on my desk. :(