Saturday 10 September 2011

10 Things

10 completely random things you may or may not know about me...

  1. I'm 4' 11"
  2. I collect Pocket Dragons
  3. I am an only child
  4. I have 3 brothers in law and 3 sisters in law
  5. I have two degrees, neither of which I need to do my job
  6. I work in IT in a university
  7. I met my husband at high school
  8. I passed my driving test first time, age 20
  9. I've been in prison (I worked for the prison service) :p
  10. I am a Taurus


  1. Some interesting facts to learn about you.

  2. So now I'm intrigued... what are pocket dragons, and what two degrees do you have?!

  3. You are taller than my sister.

  4. Great list,my sister used to collect pocket dragons too!!
    Beautiful blog Kirsteen.

  5. @Gem's Crafts - Pocket Dragons are the cutest little green ornamental dragons in the world created by the talented Real Musgrave. Check them out. They have retired now but you can still buy them online.

    My degrees are in Sociology and Social Policy and Applied Social Research :) x

  6. Just catching up with your blog, I knew you were a petit miss but I didn't know you were 4ft 11" they do say the best things come in small packages.

    Loving your layouts, oh and the halloween scene from pinterest, how gorgeous is that?!

    I have done a shameful lack of blogging and crafty things in the last month although I did make a lightshade for Abigails room last night, I need to stop faffing around on the interwebs and go and make a matching cushion... thats me, queen of procrastination