Thursday 10 November 2011

10 Things in November

Another 10 things you may or may not know about me:
  1. I love chick lit. I am currently reading Cafe Tropicana by Belinda Jones.
  2. I love reality TV. My recent favourites are Big Brother, The X Factor and The Bachelor.
  3. I have a little boy who is three years old.
  4. The first time I went on a plane I was 10 years old and on my own.
  5. I have been dying my hair blonde for so long I'm not entirely sure what my natural hair colour would be if I let the blonde grow out completely.
  6. I once travelled from Stirling to London on a freezing cold bus to protest about university tuition fees.
  7. I am addicted to Coke (Cherry Coke being my all time favourite).
  8. I am taking part in a 'Twiathlon'.
  9. I order chips and curry sauce and call it a 'Chinese takeaway' (in my defence I always order prawn crackers!).
  10. I'm 32 years old (I think!). I have got to THAT age where I question what age I am on a regular basis.
Every month, we blog ten things on the tenth.  Your ten things can be absolutely anything you feel like sharing.  Pop on over to Shimelle's blog and link to your specific blog post so we can all come read your own list of ten.


  1. What a fun list! I love chick lit and chips and curry sauce too (we live in Dubai and there is a proper British fish and chips shop close by, they do the best chips and curry sauce!)

  2. Ha ha love your list. I never got the hang of sauce with chips!

  3. I can never remember how old I am either. Just last night I said I was one year older than I really am and my husband corrected me!

  4. Great list!! I'm with you on having to remind myself on my age...I just don't feel 40ish!!

  5. Love your list. I was about the same age as you when I too took my first plane trip by myself. I got stranded at JFK International Airport!!

  6. great list! I was so much older when first time on the plane! But still by myself:)

  7. I too am a coca-cola addict... & am 34 i'm always getting my age wrong!

  8. Love your list. I am addicted to diet coke, I used to always drink full-fat coke, and said I'd never drink the diet version. Then I went on a diet, and actually realised how many calories were in full-fat coke. I'll never go back!

    Why were you on the plane on your own so young? x

  9. I always have to think about my age as well, and often actually work it out...tis because age isn't important!

  10. Great list! It's always fun to find out theses little snippets of information:)
    Fiona x

  11. you win my CD - come on over to my blog to SEE!
    Hoorays x