Tuesday 28 June 2011

The Day we Conquered Everest

Once upon a time we went on a journey to a forbidden moutain... Mount Everest!! As in Disney's Animal Kingdom Mount Everest, clearly. Following on from last weeks 'Wild at Heart' layout this is another page I did for Disney Scrappers. You must visit if you {heart} Disney and Scrapping.

Now, I am not a rollercoaster person but I like to think I am. And I love that you can kind of kid yourself into going on a big ride at Disney. Sometimes you can't even SEE the rides!! Rock n' Roller at Disney Hollywood Studios is a great example of this. I would have never rode this in a million years had I actually SEEN the coaster! You can't see the coaster accelerate from 0-60 in 2,8 seconds, nor can you see the two roll-overs nor the corkskrew inversions from the outside (good job!). I thought I was in for a relaxing drive in a limo with the lovely Areosmith... 'Walk this Way' I said!! I love Disney because even though I am unlikely (let's be honest here) to ever ride Rock n' Roller coaster again I can still say I have done it! And I have and Everest too!

Although, Expedition Everest at Disney's Aminal Kingdom is not so elusive, I mean I could see the 80 foot drop before I declared 'Let's do Everest' but you know what's it's like, it's Disney, 'how bad can it be', 'it'll be similar to Big Thunder Mountain Railroad I'm sure' and the queuing area is 'so cool', 'a must see' I had set myself a goal to ride EE and afterall, we were dressed for the occiasion :p I. Was. So. Scared. But I didn't let on until we were off the ride and through the shop. I wanted the ride photo and my 'I Conquered Everest' licence plate (shopping overrides my fear factor, isn't that the case for everyone?!). Safely, out of earshot of the Yeti I uttered 'how scary was that!'. I really hope I can muster up the courage to ride EE again. Or perhaps I'll do a 'Mummy'... huh? Ah well, that's a story for another day... :p

Supplies include Bo Bunny U Bug Me and Zoology. Thanks for stopping my and as they say at Disney's Animal Kingdom 'have a wild time!' :)


  1. I love all the elements you've used, its great layering

  2. Love the way you've made the page....and I never have the courage to go on any of those rides!!!