Tuesday 26 July 2011

The Magic is in the Detail

I'm not sure if you know, I guess I have kept it a bit of a secret around here but I think it's time I came clean...

I love Walt Disney World. Yup, I know, I kept that one well hidden didn't I? :p Now that you know the truth I guess I can just jump right in with a Disney page, right?

One of the things I love most about WDW is the attention to detail. I love a theme. Be it, a fancy dress party, a fundraiser, a children's party. If I can 'theme' it I will. It is no surprise that Disney World is my idea of heaven. From the tables to the chairs, from the street signs to the bins EVERYTHING is themed. The attention to detail is so great, you won't find a Frontierland cast member (don't you just love that) wandering around in Tomorrowland. Oh no. No space cowboys round these here parts. The Magic Kingdom was built over a series of tunnels called utilidors to allow cast members to move about freely from one land to anotehr without being seen in the 'wrong' place. How cool is that. I love this, I love that Disney is putting on 'a show' for their guests and the show never seems to end. There is so much to see, so much to take in. You couldn't possibly see everything is just one trip. In fact, I'm not convinced you could see everything in 100 trips to the mouse.

When I took this photo I had a scrapbook page in mind. I knew I wanted to document the little details, the little touches that make WDW the most magical place in the world. This is a lamp, yes, a lamp on a little desk in our room at the Grand Floridian. Isn't it cute? The lack of colour in the photo and that I wanted to journal about what makes WDW 'Disney' for me meant that I could really go to town with my 'Disney' supplies. I have papers, and stickers in red, black, yellow and white coming out of my {Mickey} ears and every now and then I like to pull all those supplies out a create what I think of as a totally 'Disney' page. It's so simple and so much fun. And I love the results.

Supplies include; Bazzill, Creative Imaginations, Reminisce, Echo Park and Doodlebug. Thanks for stopping by Kxx


  1. Brilliant blog post. I've been to Disney twice and loved how there were hidden mouse ears in the gardens, on the walls, in the furniture and would love to stay in one of the Disney themed hotels sometime. Come on Ernie - it's MY turn!

    Fabulous page too - love the colours!

  2. Great page. I love all the little details and they work so well together :)

  3. I love that page! It's just fantastic, the colours, the design - great job!
    Helen S