Friday 13 January 2012


2012 will see the demise of my craft room as I relocate into my bedroom. This means a huge reshuffle of our bedroom which is currently full of oversized furniture bought for our first home - a Victorian terrace flat with massive rooms and high ceilings where our giant furniture fitted in no problem. Three years later we bought our tardis on a new estate and squashed all our belongings into it. Slowly we have replaced bits and pieces to better suit the house we live in now but our bedroom and my craft room furniture remains the same - squashed.

I'm pretty much decided that white furniture is the way forward for our bedroom. I love that it's relatively easy to match up bits of white furniture from different ranges and that Ikea (space saver extrodinaraires!) stock a large amount of white items. It also seems less imposing than coloured furniture.

Here are some of my ideas. You can see them all on my Bedroom Ideas Pinterest board.

Oh to have a bedroom this size! I love the grey walls against the bright white of the ceiling and white furniture however our room maybe a little too small and cluttered to pull this look off. It does have two windows though so plenty of light coming in.

I've always had a dressing table and I can't quite imagine a life without one but this might be one of the things that has to go but for now I'll swoon over these little beauties.

Storage ideas - gorgeous rose shelving because when in need of space everyone needs a shelf or two...

And finally my craft space... I might have to go with the 4x2 cube design depending on the amount of space I have. I haven't got as far as getting the measuring tape out yet.

Source: via Kir on Pinterest

I'm still looking for a bed and a wardrobe but this is probably going to be a very, very long work in progress so there is no rush.


  1. Oooh! I love that bedroom, its lush!!!
    Enjoy the planning process hun, its half the fun!!
    Claire xxx

  2. All the furniture in the photos look gorgeous, and if you go with white, it'll go with everything :) So why is your craft room being re-located into your bedroom?

  3. We can all dream of rooms like these

  4. I know how you feel-we still have big furniture from our old house in a small bungalow! and I'm about to do our bedroom too!

  5. Don't we all wish for such a bedroom. Good luck with all the moving around

  6. loving the ideas. The grey and white do look good together. Note to self must use pininterst more