Tuesday 9 December 2014

Blue (yellow) Christmas {day 6}

Uh oh - the first yellow card of the season was awarded today. Jack was beside himself. Noah, couldn't give a monkeys. It seems the elves from the North Pole Behaviour Department really do frown upon bad behaviour. After 6 days of green cards Jack was disappointed. He drew as X instead of colouring in their progress charts to illustrate just how unhappy he was. **snort snort*

I used the last of my pre-made date cards for the 'No 6' from The Stamp Spot's Documenting December 2014 Gold Kit for today's page. I need to make more of these in advance next year they have been a huge help. The washi tape is there to stick the page to my Expedit unit in an epic fail to take a half decent photo of the page at 7.30 on a bleak dark and wet day here in the UK.


As this is the reverse of my day 5 I used some more of the Teresa Collins Studio Gold Instagram cards. I added some American Crafts glitter tape and the words 'Uh Oh' using Teresa Collin's Tinsel and Company alpha stickers from The Stamp Spot kit. I didn't have any suitable filler cards; they were all too cheery and I wanted to convey the dark mood *snort snort* so I dug out a couple of Project Life Midnight Edition cards which I think work great. I added the word 'yellow' to the 'today was...' card.

P.S. No children were hurt in the in the making of this (less than festive) page and it resulted in totes amazeballs behaviour the follwing day. So totes amaze that the elves left gifts! (they were so impressed).

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