Tuesday 9 December 2014

Peace on Earth {day 5}

Day 5 or as I like to call it; the one with bangers and mash and the mini victory. Friday 5th December was Ian's work day/night out. I was working all day, Jack was at school and Noah was in change of Grandma. I am not a cook, in fact I hate cooking. Lucky for me and the boys Ian does all the cooking in our house.  I decided to 'cook' bangers and mash' (this is pretty ambitious for me). The boys are both going through a fussy stage so I wasn't overly looking forward to presenting them with my efforts. It's one thing to hate cooking and having to cook, it's another thing to have a toddler throw an almighty wobbler because he's offended by the peas you have had the audacity to put on his plate. After grilling the sausages for an age (turns out I had the fan in the oven on too) they were finally served with my offering (I was pretty impressed even if the mash was nuked shh). I placed the plates down and beat a speedy retreat back to the kitchen to watch from behind the door, hoping not to make eye contact. Why is it that a perfectly happy toddler can turn Tanzanian Devil over the slightest bit eye contact...? They said NOTHING. Neither of them uttered a word of dislike. Neither ate very much either but I'm taking their silence as a mini victory. 1:0 to me.
I used a new page protector (for me), Design J from Becky Higgins Project Life collection. I broke this new size out for one reason and one reason only; I have a WRMK Teresa Collins Studio Gold Instagram kit and I'm not afraid to use it. I wanted to break into this card pack and I needed some 4x4 pockets to do it. I used the 3x4 card I'd already made (these are proving to be a great starting point for my pages. I wish I'd made more) with The Stamp Spot's Documenting December 2014 Gold Kit. It is one of my favourite cards as it includes one of Michelle's exclusive flair badges.I added two 4x4 cards from the Tesera Collins set, another pre-made card (from The Stamp Spot kit but also a Tesesa Collins card from her Tinsel and Company collection and the Fa La La word sticker (also TC and Tinsel and Company).

I also broke into the new Becky Higgins Golden Themed cards - that's the little 3x4 you see on the left. There is so much gold goodness out there at the moment I'll be going for gold throughout 2015 as well!

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  1. I can honestly say I laughed out loud! So a cooking YouTube channel in your future next year lol