Friday 3 September 2010

Back to School - Day 3

It's only 11am but I am 100% sure that I have already learnt my lesson for today... I do not NEED to buy any more scrapbooking supplies. I hereby declare that I am not only on a Weightwatchers diet but a stash diet as well. Who's with me? Weightwatchers, stash, both? :)
I won't share any pre-diet photos but here are some of the scrapbooking goodies that will be winging their way onto pages very, very soon. No more shopping!!! ;p
Lots n' lots of lovely ribbon

Cropper Hoppers and magazine files full of stickers, patterned papers and cardstock

Left handside of the top drawer - the one with all the tools; inks, chalk, adhesives and punches.

Right handside of the top drawer, there lives; jar of ribbon, 5 compartment boxes of embellies mainly brads, eyelets, charms and bottons, some Sizzix dies and other tools too

Left handside of the middle drawer, photos on the left, chipboard and wooden embellies, Disney Sticker collection, blooms and some sparkles.
Right handside of the middle drawer, blooms, sparkles, alphas, part of my collection of Disney stickers on the left, more embellies and a whole section for metal embellies ;p

Messy bottom drawer
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  1. Oh so neat and tidy how do you do it lol

  2. Lol I'm with you on the stash diet. I dare not take any photos of my scrap space as I've got far to much stash. Hoping to make presents for christmas to use some of it, but that will have to wait till October as we're having a major clear out later this month first to make some space

  3. I completely need to do the 'stash diet', and well, I guess 'WW', too.
    My stash is not nearly as neat and tidy as yours. Guess, its time to get to work!

  4. mmm you mean you aren't supposed to buy more? Me I just keep moving it around and finding more cupboards to keep it in. Not buy stash ........mmm nope just not getting that concept LOL

    But good look

  5. Let's just say that neither my stash diet or my Slimming World diet are going well but I'm not gaining weight and I have lost over a stone. Cant resist a good bargain or a pretty paper... Good luck with both!