Wednesday 22 September 2010

Playing Catch-up

I have fallen so far behind with LSNED but I am determind not to give up. I am going to finish one of Shimelle's classes ;p So here is my round-up from Day 10 to 21....

Today I learned...

  • Day 10 - My local Tesco were sold out of neon pink nail polish!! How very dare they.
  • Day 11 - How to be a cheerleader.
  • Day 12 - Hangover + Toodler = Fun Times.
  • Day 13 - I love the Fed Ex man. He brings parcels from far off places. Namely DCWV with my winnings!!!
  • Day 14 - It's freezing. The office is cold. It must be about time to turn the heating on.
  • Day 15 - An electric blow heater can warm a small office.
  • Day 16 - It's better to be at home in bed when you are not well.
  • Day 17 - That I'm not over this bug after all.
  • Day 18 - The little man's playhouse is huge!
  • Day 19 - It doesn't matter how much I sleep I am still tired.
  • Day 20 - Welly Boot shopping for 2 year olds is lots of fun.
  • Day 21 - Getting up at 6.15 sucks.

Phew, that feels better. Thanks for stopping by. Kx

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