Thursday 2 September 2010

First day of school

Yesterday was my first day of school or day one of Shimelle's Learn Something New Everyday class. I really struggled all day to pin point something that I had learned. I was starting to fret that I would be the dunce of the class, that I would be sent outside to sit in the corridor when it dawned on me that that was my lesson! Trying too hard can sometimes be a hinderence. Sometimes I should simply let things happen and go with the flow and that is what I learned yesterday. Thanks for stopping by Kxx


  1. hi Kirsteen - back in class again I see. I am struggling to to decide what was my lesson without pinching someone elses - i love reading the messages but seems to me then its harder to decide waht you did. saying that yours seems good - or maybe thats it - thats my lesson- the grass is always greener on the other side LOL

  2. Hi Wendy - I think you have just answered your own question :) I am the same I love everyone elses lessons and think mine are naff but I'm just gonna write down what comes to me and try not to overthink it too much. xx