Tuesday 10 April 2012

10 on the Tenth in April

10 Things in April brings you... 10 random things {you may or may not know} I am looking forward to right now:
  1. Baby's arrival in August.
  2. Watching Jack with his little baby brother.
  3. The arrival of my little neice or nephew in October.
  4. My birthday this month.
  5. Our first trip to Disney World as a family (Grandparents, in-laws, the lot!). Planned for October 2015! 
  6. My maternity leave. Spending time with my boys and being a 'proper' Mummy for a little while.
  7. A week off work in May.
  8. Changing Jack's room into a big boys bedroom complete with midsleeper car themed bed with a tent underneath!
  9. Going to bed tonight (Jack is waking up during the night for a pee pee/tissue/Calpol/stairgate check (it must be closed)/general attempt to sleep in our bed) = tired Mummy.
  10. Christmas! Our first Christmas as a family of four and our first Christmas dinner at my in-laws with three children.
Every month, we blog ten things on the tenth.  Your ten things can be absolutely anything you feel like sharing.  Pop on over to Shimelle's blog and link to your specific blog post so we can all come read your own list of ten.

P.S.Check out the new competition over on the Craft Island blog. The closing date is Friday 27th April. Here is a cheeky wee 'egg'xample from me.


  1. It sounds like you are going to be having an amazoning year!

  2. lol, i meant amazing...I think it time I go to bed

  3. Lots of fun things going on, a fun way to document it!

  4. Wow! You have a lot to look forward to!!! Nice read :)

  5. Lots of babies to look forward to! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Some really great things to look forward to

  7. so many wonderful things to look forward to. me i am looking to getting rid of the virus from hell - three weeks and counting - and to Shimelle's scrap weekend this weekend. also the arrival of some cute babies in our church and just fun life events,
    jo xxx

  8. What a lovely reminder of good things to come!

  9. How exciting to have some babies to look forward to! I loved reading your sweet list of 10 things you're looking forward to!

  10. Those are some fantastic things to look forward to.

  11. I love your blog and yout list of ten things. You have an exciting year ahead.

  12. Ooh, exciting times! I'm looking forward to a disney trip planned for 2016, I'm a big Disney fan too. In fact, my 30th birthday party this year is going to be Disney themed! So fun! x