Tuesday 10 April 2012

On the Move

I did it. I made the big move all the way across the landing from craft room to crafty corner. After a big clearout; selling, recycling, donating anything that I was definitely never going to use my crafty supplies been somewhat plundered but I still didn't expect it all to fit into the space we EVENTUALLY found in our bedroom!

My old craft room with my extra large craft desk which was originally bought for a much bigger room plus lots of 'dumping ground stuff'.

My crafty drawers (oo er missus) and shelves plus a multi-gym (as you do) (not mine obviously).

I didn't do anything forward thinking like, measure the space or the new desk. I'd decided on an 4x2 Expedit unit with desk from Ikea and that is what we bought. I'd kinda worked where everything would go in my head but no proper thought or planning had gone into it. So I thought we had nothing better to do than rearrange some furniture and to build my unit and desk. Simples. Ahem. NOTHING fitted. EVERY new idea we had fell foul to me not being able to maneuver myself plus bump though the teeny tiny spaces we were creating between bits of bedroom furniture. After a whole morning of shifting we finally found a solution which by some weird twist of fate actually makes the bedroom look bigger?!?  

Before - lots of mess in our bedroom.

Finally someone decides to do some measuring.

A Little helper. Jack loves nothing better than mess and furniture building. I hope he is so eager when we change his bedroom furniture to put his nursery furniture into the baby's room.

Ta da!! It's all there every last bit of craft stuff. I'm enjoying it all being within reach and it's all much more visable than before. Now just gotta get crafting!!


  1. Glad you got your craft space transformed. The white Expedit furniture makes for a lighter and brighter work area too. Enjoy. Mel x

  2. all set now. I hope you find lots of mojo and use your new area to the full. well done

  3. This looks great, we (well, DH did actually with help from DD)moved all my craft stuff in to our bedroom nearly 2 years ago now when i first had a prolapsed disc... i get a bit more crafting done now too;-) happy crafting