Tuesday 10 April 2012

Country Style Clutter

A little over a year ago I discovered Country Style Clutter. Country Style Clutter is based in Edzell at the foot of the Angus Glens in the North East of Scotland. In the shop you will find hand painted hearts, wall hangings and decorative works of art for your home. Linda is the artist behind the shop front and is one of the loveliest people you could ever meet.

Linda has sent me so many gorgeous items for my home and for my friends and family over the last year or so. I don't think there is a room in my home without a little Country Style Clutter. And if there is, then it's only because I haven't got around to placing my order yet (I'm thinking of the door signs for the bathroom and the downstairs loo). I always think of Linda when a friend gets married or has a baby. I've lost count how many friends and family have Country Style Clutter works of art in their homes. I have sent Country Style Clutter as far as Austraila.

In my recent order Linda popped these little extras in for Jack. How delighted was I? I am going to stick this to Jack's bedroom door in a superstar dressing room fashion.

Jack was delighted with his lovely Easter gingerbread man with his name on! He is gingerbread men daft so much so that we still have a gingerbread man air freshener from Christmas in the car!

This Happy Easter heart is a little something that Linda 'popped' in my order last year. Isn't it the cutest. I have mentioned to Linda that smaller versions of her creations would be welcome additions to my scrapbook pages. Watch this space and hound Linda until she makes some handmade wooden embellishments!!


  1. This sounds like just the sort of shop I would love.

  2. I only ever buy online Jacky but I think there are a few local shops nearby to where Linda is based that shock her gorgeous creations. Chek out http://www.countrystyleclutter.com/ Thanks for stopping by xx

  3. What a lovely shop. I used to go to Edzell as a child when my grandparents lived in Scotland. Brings back memories.