Tuesday 10 April 2012

Easter Baskets

**I promise this is the last post from me today. You'll not hear another peep from me, honest**

I bought a stack of Easter decorations last year in the Easter sale at my local garden centre. I wanted to use the decorations to make some Easter baskets this year. Not one to leave things to the last minute I popped into town on Saturday morning for some wicker baskets and shredded tissue paper. Luckily Clintons had everything I needed.

I added one and half packets of shredded tissue paper to each, creating what Jack calls 'a nice cosy bed' for the contents of my basket. With hindsight they could've probably done with two packets each.

I untied and retied two felt butterfly decorations plus a chick decoration and hung these on the handle of each basket. On the opposite side I added two flower pegs. I tied three peices of ribbon to the handles and untied and retied a felt rabbit or chick (bought in Tesco a few years ago) as well. I added a wooden flower decoration and lots of egg decorations along with some chocolate eggs and hearts to each basket. Once I had decided on my design it didn't take long to make these at all.

P.S. Pop over to the Craft Island blog to see my Easter Basket using paper mache eggs. Remember to check out this months 6x6 competition too.


  1. Gorgeous baskets! You made a really good job of those, they are wonderful!

  2. Such sweet baskets! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Popped over from disneyscrappers, these are adorable, love the little felt things, take care, Doreen x

  4. Gorgeous Gorgeous Baskets, I want to try this for next yr, we didn't actually get our boys chocolate or anything this yr, they had some from parents in law and my folks and we thought that would be enough oh we did by them a 50p one each.